If you're looking for help in-game, tickets are the preferred method of requesting assistance from staff. Tickets are small packets of information which can be tracked and managed. They're created with the command /ticket <text>. Once created, tickets are assigned a unique ID and are added to a central database which staff can view and assign as necessary. Before creating a ticket, kindly ensure:

  1. Your query isn't a question which other players in chat can't answer (such as mod-related "how-to")
  2. Your query isn't something which can be found using Google
  3. Your query isn't explained elsewhere on this wiki or site
  4. Your query is concise, using /replayticket if making use of multiple lines

Site TicketsEdit

There's a ticket service avalible on the site which allows a much greater degree of freedom over how much information you provide, including an optional console log section. For advanced problems it may be necessary to use this method instead. After doing so it's advised to create a regular ticket prompting staff to direct their attention to the site's ticket section where your concern may then be handled promptly.


/checkticket <number> /closeticket <number> /ticket <text> /tickets /replyticket <number>

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