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  • An in-game server menu is accessed with /b
  • It contains a number of useful functions
  • Skyblock server menus are slightly different but mostly have the same functions
  • Warps, shop, information included


The server menu can be opened with /b and contains a number of useful links, options, and services. This is intended to be the primary first port-of-call for players looking to access any information while in game. Server menus are unique to the server, though many follow a common template. In skyblock servers the menu has additional functions and provides options which otherwise must be memorized and typed out manually. Specifically these are options pertaining to uSkyblock, which is the plugin behind the island and challenge system. The plugin which mainly handles this interface is called Boss Shop.

Common templateEdit

  • Minecraft rules
  • Banned items
  • Homepage
  • Warps
  • Commands
  • Read me - Sync your account before making any point purchases in our shop
  • Money balance
  • Admin shop
  • Reward point balance
  • Reward store

Skyblock templateEdit

  • Minecraft rules
  • Banned items
  • Homepage
  • Warps
  • Ranks
  • Challenges
  • Island options
  • Commands
  • Reward point balance
  • Admin shop
  • Money balance
  • Admin shop
  • Vote links


  • Kits are bundles of items
  • One kit is free to all players
  • Kits can be bought at the reward store
  • VIP kits contain equipment, themed kits contain infrastructure and/or resources
  • Kits are accessed with /kit <name>
  • Kits have individual cooldowns


Kits are bundles of items which players can access using the /kit command. They're intended to contain useful early-game items such as food, tools and armor, but can also contain advanced items such as machines and infrastructure. There is a free kit avalible to all players from the start which has unlimited uses, and additional kits can be be purchased from the reward store. All kits incur a cooldown on use, commonly ranging from an hour to two days which is unique to the kit. Aside from this, their use is unlimited. They are also server-specific, and are not transferrable. The wiki divides them into three groups:

Free KitsEdit

Free kits vary slightly from server to server but are all called "tools" with the notable exception of skyblock servers where they are called "starter". As implied, they typically provide sets of equipment and some food, but can vary slightly from server to server and pretty much just include whatever was considered to be beneficial when the server was configured. The commands are "/kit tools" or "/kit starter".

Themed KitsEdit

Themed kits are intended more to provide materials than tools. Skyblock players have access to kits which provide vital starting resources and spawn eggs, whereas non-skyblock players have access to kits themed around a specific mod containing a substantial amount of starting machines, items, and infrastructure. The command is "/kit <name>". They are single-time use and must be activated within 48 hours of purchase.

VIP KitsEdit

As part of their VIP package deal, VIPs may access additional kits depending on their rank and server. Like the free kits, VIP kits typically contain a set of tools and a set of armor, but the quality of the sets is determined by the VIP rank. Higher-level VIPs have access to their own kit in addition to VIP kits from all preceeding ranks. A VIP-emerald is the highest rank possible of a given server and therefore can access any VIP kit avalible. It's not possible to purchase VIP kits individually without purchasing VIP. If you're a subscriber, kits are included in rank transfer requests.


/kit <name> /kit tools /kit starter

  • Ranks are an identifying tag visible to all
  • They're mostly gained by playtime
  • Each rank comes with additional privilages
  • Additional, VIP ranks are avalible in the reward store
  • Skyfactory ranks are purchased with in-game money (not playtime)


Ranks are a type of tiered identifying tag symbolizing your involvement with the server and appear beside your name when chatting in public chat channels. Every player starts with the newbie title by default, and this can be upgraded by accumulating playtime with the very notable exception of Skyfactory where ranks are instead purchased using in-game money.

Regular Ranks
Rank Playtime Perks
Member 16 hours Shop access
Trusted 64 hours /Back access, three homes

Regular RanksEdit

Regular ranks are gained with playtime. Each have the priviliages of preceeding tiers in addition to their own.

Skyfactory 2 Ranks
Rank Cost Perks
Newbie None
Member $500 Biome change, warp access
Veteran $800
Elite $1500

Skyfactory RanksEdit

Ranks on Skyfactory are purchased with in-game money. Each have the priviliages of preceeding tiers in addition to their own.


/help ranks


  • Registration is necessary to take advantage of all Devco features
  • Part of this process involves associating your Enjin account with your Minecraft account ("syncing")
  • For full instructions, see the guide


Enjin is a gaming network which provides Devco with much of its frontend structure including the forums and the reward store. In order to take advantage of many of the in-game conveniences Devco provides, you must register an Enjin account and then associate your Minecraft account(s) with your Enjin account, known in the community as "syncing".

Partway through the process you'll be asked to join a vanilla server to verify the connection, so you'll need to be prepared to do so. The version will be the latest and can be found as an option on some launchers or simply by using the Mojang launcher. Upon joining the server you'll be given a code which you can input into the Devco website, finalizing the process.

The above is a very brief outline of the steps involved. If you're having trouble you can see the wiki guide here or the help section's original syncing guide here.



  • The admin shop sells players items in-game
  • It can be accessed via the /b menu
  • Trading is done with money ($)
  • The price can vary depending on the server


An important part of the /b server menu is the admin shop where players can spend their money to obtain common in-game items. The selection is specified by an admin and changes slightly from server to server, but the example given to the right is a good indication of what you can expect.

The admin shop is also considered to be an appropriate guideline for players to use when valuing their trade goods for sale. Undercutting the market is not permitted. Rates can vary from server to server roughly depending on which economy type they're using. A clue to distinguish this can be found when examining server groupings in the reward store.

Plugin InteractionsEdit




  • Money ($) is the network's in-game currency
  • It is unique to every server (balances do not transfer)
  • It can be gained in a number of ways
  • It is spent in the /b menu
  • It can be given to others and is used when trading


Money is the term given to the network's in-game currency and is measured in dollars ($). Unlike reward points, money is server-specific and is earned on an individual server basis. Money acts as a medium of exchange between players and is used to purchase various things, including admin shop items, creative mode commands, claim blocks, shop plots, or skyblock ranks. Different servers may have different economies. A clue to distinguish this can be found when examining server groupings in the reward store. Admin shop items may also have different prices. Additionally, such as in the case with skyblock servers, some options may simply not apply.

Gaining MoneyEdit

  • Vote ($100 intial w/ $20 per, $10 on SF per)
  • Buy from the reward store
  • Trade
  • Become VIP
  • Sell claim blocks (/sellclaimblocks <number>, non-skyblock)
  • Complete challenges (skyblock only)

Plugin InteractionsEdit

Boss Shop






Players can trade with each other using money ($), and there are a few ways to do this.

Drop TradingEdit

While not reccomended, it's possible to drop items for another player and pay with /pay. The advantage of this method is its speed, although there's no garuntee either side will uphold their end of the bargain, so use caution when doing this.

Skyblock TradingEdit

Player shops are made on player islands. Unlike most other servers, there are no spawn plots. To establish a shop, you can follow the guidelines outlined in the guide section.

Player ShopsEdit

Players of non-skyblock modpacks can purchase shop plots from their server's spawn area. These cost a considerable amount of money but allow you to create and maintain a shop which players can interact with using the Quickshop plugin. Players are not permitted to set their prices below what is outlined in the shop policy.

Plugin InteractionsEdit

Boss Shop


/help shoprules




Maybe one day?


First and foremost I would like to welcome you to DeVco servers!

A little background on DeVco is we started as a single Unleashed server roughly 2 years ago with a small group of staff and an average of 20ish players a day. Since then we have grown to a group of 20+ servers with nearly 50 staff and sometimes over 2000 players per day.

We are constantly adding new packs and trying to keep everything as up-to-date as possible. We have a great staff team and there’s nearly always a staff member online to assist players.

At DeVco we feel that staff should be interactive with the player base instead of aloof as many other servers seem to be. All of our staff members play in survival. We do not allow creative play on our servers from anyone.

For more information on staff do’s and do not’s please read this.

We have a large website and sometimes it may be difficult to navigate. So here is a little how-to on our website navigation.

All of our various guidelines and rules are located under Policies in the top menu.

Our server statistics, staff list, member list, server specific information (i.e. Banned Items), Monthly Dimension Reset calendar, and Current Modpack Versions are located under Server Info in the top menu.

We offer help on the forums in two ways, both are listed under Help in the top menu.

The first is FAQ. Where many answers can be found.

The second is webtickets used to get help with crashes or various other issues.

If you need help please use one of these two options or in-game tickets. Any threads posted in Suggestions or General will be referred to use webtickets (this will cut down on forum spam).

For those who wish to donate, please be advised you must register on our forums AND sync your character on Enjin to be able to use the webstore. Also note that purchases are PER modpack. They are not universal. If you make an error in the server selection during purchase submit a webticket immediately to get the points refunded. All purchase information can be found in the Help menu in FAQ.

Hopefully this will help members be able to traverse the website with no issues. If you have any further concerns please submit a webticket and we'll try to remedy any mishaps.




The basic premise of a mob spawner is to generate mobs and then kill them for drops. In modded Minecraft this is often an automated process and can be done using a variety of methods.

Spawning rulesEdit

Within 24 blocks (1.5 chunks) no mobs will spawn. 24-32 32 (2) -128 (8) 128

Vanilla designEdit


ExtraUtils spike designEdit


MFR grinder designEdit


Other designsEdit

One design which I've often used in the past includes a ComputerCraft melee turtle running an atack loop.




Upon newly joining any server you will be placed in the spawn area of that world. Building is not permitted there. To find a place to build you must either walk until you're outside the boundary of the spawn's admin claim, or you can type the command "/rtp" to teleport to a random place somewhere in the world until you find a suitable area.


Due to the enormous confusion with this, I'm making an attempt to make this even easier for people.

  1. Signup for an enjin account by clicking Register, alternatively if you previously had an Enjin account use the login button to login with your Enjin account. If you forgot your password there is also a forgot password button at the login prompt.
  2. Once you are logged in with your new/previous account select the drop down at the top right where your account name is.
  3. Click the My Characters button
  4. At this screen click the Add Character button
  5. Select the Minecraft in the game dropdown
  6. To get the code requested download the Vanilla minecraft launcher and join the Enjin Authentication server.
  7. Direct connect or add the server (Use a Minecraft Vanilla 1.8 client)
  8. You will be kicked from the server after a few seconds with a code in the kick message, copy paste this code into Enter code provided by server box.
  9. Your character will now by synced to your account.
  10. Go back to the homepage and click the Join website button at the top right.




Before you can play you must ensure you have the correct modpack version installed. This should be detailed on the multiplayer menu when attempting to join and can also be found on the site. The folowing list is avalible but may be out of date.


Server Direct address Modpack version Share/private code
Agrarian Skies 1.1.6
Agrarian Skies 1.1.6
Banished 1.1.4 banished
Crundee Craft 1.0.1
Departed 1.2.1
DeVco Modpack 1.1.4 devco
Direwolf20 1.5.0
Direwolf20 1.5.0
Horizons II: Daybreaker 1.0.2
Hubris 1.4.2
Infinity 1.8.2
Infinity 1.1.6
Obscurity 1.1.14
Project Flux hUelDqR5
Regrowth 0.7.4
Regrowth 0.7.4
Resonant Rise Mainline PRfXicDS
Skyfactory 2 2.4 827Q8k6W
Skyfactory 2 2.4 827Q8k6W
The Dark Trilogy 1.1.1
Test Pack Please Ignore 2 0.1.1 SuperWhaleKick
Vanilla 1.8.7












To clear up some confusion, "Project Flux", formerly known as Yogscast complete, is a configuration template for Resonant Rise 3. To play it you must download RR3 and select the Project Flux configuration option in the settings.







Not a modpack but would be silly not to include..




View and respond to topics in the forum. A lot of information is avalible here and is the place of choice for staff to post information. Wiki updates are taken from here. You must have registered an Enjin account to post on the forum. Reward points are also availible at specific milestones when posting and liking posts.

Reward PointsEdit

Forum postsEdit

50 at 50 posts
100 at 100 posts
250 at 200 posts
500 at 500 posts
1,000 at 1,000 posts
2,500 at 2,500 posts

Liking postsEdit

10 at 5 likes
20 at 10 likes
50 at 25 likes
100 at 50 likes
200 at 100 likes
500 at 250 likes
1,000 at 500 likes



See community-built creations in the gallery.



Adding lists all servers.




Interactable user interface with a shop.





Essentials Commands.



GPP commands.




Help Pages ( is a Bukkit plugin which allow admins to create an help index listing a variety of topics for quick reference, like an in-game wiki. It can be accessed with /help.


/help chat
/help points
/help rules
/help donate
/help wiki
/help vote
/help fakeplayers
/help website
/help ranks
/help shoprules
/help chunkloaders



Left click a chest, make a shop.


/qs unlimited - Makes the shop you're looking at become unlimited. /qs setowner <player> - Changes shop owner to <player>. /qs buy - Changes your shop you're looking at to one that buys items /qs sell - Changes your shop you're looking at to one that sells items /qs price <price> - Change the price of your shop that you're looking at /qs clean - Removes any existing shop that has 0 stock. /qs find <item> - Use to find the nearest shop that begins with <item> - E.g. '/qs find dia' will find the nearest diamond shop. /shop - Alias (Optional) of /qs


{{:uSkyblock Policies


Rules for the DeVco Gaming community are a bit different from the general Minecraft Rules.

Mainly our rules are subject to follow the base rules of whichever game you are on. Obviously we cannot moderate in game, however if a game has a rule such as no cussing, or no griefing, or no stealing etc. we expect you to follow these rules. Your bans from games outside of Minecraft are subject to their rules and discretion. We can do nothing about this.

We expect all of our Community members to uphold the rules of their respective games, and treat each other, and other players outside of the group with respect. A revised set of rules are below and expected to be followed.

  1. Treat staff/officers with respect and do not argue with them.If you have an issue with the way a situation was handled, send a PM to an owner on our website.
  2. No racism, sexism, religion, politics, substance-talk, illegal activity, bigotry, or any subject with the potential to offend another player, within reason (However subjective, this can be easily resolved to be objective). Although this rule may be vague, it's rather easy to understand. We don't want to have players frustrated at a conversation currently happening, or worse, players being offended by someone's bigotry. If you see this happening in a public space from someone within our group, please take screenshots and report this to an officer of the DevCo Gaming Group IMMEDIATELY. If you want to talk about something on this list with someone, we encourage you to message them privately.
  3. No harassing other players. Again, players are here to have fun, if you're constantly spamming them with game invites or trade requests for example, that's easily harassing them. Be respectful of your fellow players and try to get along, be the bigger person in the case that someone harasses you, simply tell them to stop, if they continue, take screenshots of the harassment and report to staff on DeVco or the Steam Group Offivers ASAP.
  4. English is to be used in public chat. If you would like to speak to people/friends in your language, please use a private message method.
  5. Do not spam and/or use excessive caps. More than 1 or 2 words in an expletive sentence is considered excessive.Do not spam the same thing over and over, that is not the way to get someones attention. It's just a way to anger officers and other players.
  6. Please ask before you promote other Groups/Guilds/Communities/links. This also includes posting links in group chat, please avoid posting links to NSFW sources within reason. AKA no adult images or files being posted please. Not linking to other groups or communities allows us to refrain from group drama, or causing issues between other guilds, groups, or clans. In the future we will have a list of preapproved gaming related sites, channels, and groups that you can freely link to- however for now- please ask.
  7. Please no excessive swearing. Obviously this is a little vague. Since we can't moderate chat directly, and since there are a multitude of games with different ratings within our group- we do not expect players to abstain from cursing completely. However we do expect you to keep it civil, and under control. We understand Gamer Rage, and it's close relationship with Sailors, but we do ask you not to offend other members, and keep cursing within the appropriate context for the game.
  • These Rules are subject to change without warning. Check back for new/changed rules.
  • These rules are owned by DeVco. If you would like to use them for your own server feel free, however, please give us credit for them if you do!

Staff have the right to punish players at their discretion. If you feel that a staff member has been unjust, or would like a second chance, feel free to post in the appropriate server's “Appeal” section.

1. Treat staff with respect and do not argue with them. If you have an issue with the way a situation was handled, send a PM to an owner on our website.

2. No griefing OR stealing in protected claims. If items/etc are in an un-claimed area, it's free game. You are welcome to do whatever you want to this area. Keep in mind claims will expire if the Owner hasn't logged on in 30 days.

3. You are responsible to take advantage of the server's protection plugin. If you don't claim your area with the available protection plugin on our servers, we can not help you. If your area is un-claimed and someone griefs it, it's your fault for not claiming. However, if it's claimed and someone griefed you that's not in your town or given trust to your area, that's an exploit and they are to be reported right away. There will be no roll-back of your area if you didn't care to claim it. Why should we care if you didn't?

4. Player vs Player is permitted everywhere but in claims. Hit by players/machines (killers, turrets, etc...) in a claim OR to any player in a claim are not permitted.

5. No swearing. We have a younger user-base, as a result we absolutely detest vulgar language. Absolutely no swearing/being offensive in chat or towards another player.

6. No racism, sexism, religion, politics, substance-talk, illegal activity, bigotry, or any subject with the potential to offend another player, within reason (However subjective, this can be easily resolved to be objective). Although this rule may be vague, it's rather easy to understand; as aforementioned, we have a younger user-base. Additionally, players play to, well, play! We don't want to have players frustrated at a conversation currently happening, or worse, players being offended by someone's bigotry.

7. No harassing other players. Again, players are here to have fun, if you're constantly spamming them with teleport requests for example, that's easily harassing them. Be respectful of your fellow players and try to get along, be the bigger person in the case that someone harasses you, simply tell them to stop, if they continue, make a /ticket or inform staff ASAP.

8. No exploiting dupes/bugs. If you've found a duplication method or bug, please report it. You may pm a staff member on the forums, inform a staff member via/mail, or simply make a /ticket in-game. We check on our users quite frequently, if we suspect you of exploiting, quick and swift punishment will be provided.

9. Do not avoid the AFK kicker. Absolutely NO AFK machines!

10. Don't -give- items to players of the “Newbie” rank. We want players to start off on their own. For them to receive items for free, or for an underpayment, ruins the game and the economy. Additionally, this is in the rules to prevent begging. A Newbie may either buy or trade an item, but again, trades and purchases must be done for an equivalent value.

11. No drop-parties This would also cause quite a lot of lag for the server with the amount of entities spawned, we would also like to keep the economy stable.

12. No 'cheaty' client-sided mods. For example, X-Ray mods or anything that may give you an unfair advantage.

13. Avoid laggy-builds. As the player, it's your job to ensure that your build is as lag-free and efficient as possible; if we find that you could have done something better, or your build is causing lag, we have the liberty to remove whatever may be lagging. There are other players on the server that I'm sure wouldn't want to be effected from your spewing quarry, or your scrap system for UU-Matter being completely ridiculous. This includes overly complicated builds.

14. English is to be used in public chat. If you would like to speak to people/friends in your language, please use the private-message method (/msg <name>).

15. Please avoid referring to staff as their rank. If you want to know if staff is on, you may use “/list” or tab to see the currently online users with their rank and status. We'd appreciate not being called “mod/admin”. We don't call you hey Player.

16. Do not advertise/speak of other servers. Any talk of other servers is prohibited. Additionally, do not advertise our server on other servers. It's incredibly disrespectful and may cause issues with the other server, we don't want that.

17. Refunds will only be given if the server crashes or there is a rollback. Any other refunds will be based on the staff's discretion.

18. Do not post exploits/dupe bugs where anyone can see. It's nice that you want to post exploits and dupes for us to look into but if there's no immediate fix we're then stuck with the public having knowledge of such bugs, instead please send a mail to any of the Owners. Any general posts in the forums of such bugs will be immediately removed and your forum account given a warning

19. Do not post Rule Breaking Links in Public Chat Posting links in public chat is okay as long as they do not break our rules, such as innapropriate content, swearing, advertising servers, advertising cheats, etc. Content that is meant to "shock", or could cause another player distress, or could offend someone in anyway is not okay. Posting innapropriate links will earn you a ban.

20. Do not spam and/or use excessive caps. More than 1 or 2 words in an expletive sentence is considered excessive. Do not spam the same thing over and over, that is not the way to get someones attention. It's just a way to anger staff and other players. Saying "lag" in chat and nothing more to back up that claim will be considered spam immediately. There are many types of lag and many different things that can cause it. Saying it in chat is not only spamming but also serves to annoy everyone on.

21. Quarries and QuarryPlus' are only to be placed in the designated mining worlds, the Nether, End, Deep Dark or your own personal age. Mining on the over-world or anywhere else not specified is prohibited. The main reason for this is that the worlds specified are reset ever so often, additionally we don't want giant holes and additional lag to be on the overworld, it's just unsightly.

22. On any server with Advanced Solars, once you've reached 10 Solar Panels each generate 512 EU/t, you must trade them in for a Quantum Generator. Having mass quantities of solar panels begins to lag the server and in order to reduce the lag we have Quantum Generators that provide EU irrelevant of sunlight/rain. As soon as you've reached 10 panels that each output 512 EU/t, make a “/ticket <description>” either at the area you want the Quantum Generator, or where your solar panels are so we can remove them (or simply leave them in your inventory.

23. No inappropriate user names allowed. If users are found with inappropriate user names they will be warned by staff and given three days to change their names. If they do not comply within that time frame they will be banned from DeVco servers until a name change has been completed.

24. If you overload either your player.dat or any chest inventory etc. (Minecraft has a hard limit of 32KB) no items will be refunded or areas rolled back. This means do not disassemble your ME and put it in your inventory or over stock chests and then dolly them up. You will get no staff support for these instances.

25. Any Tome of Knowledge books should be sold for no less than $25,000. Unless, the player lives with you. This means anyone found selling these for less or giving them away will result in an immediate ban.

26. Baiting players is NOT allowed. This means anyone found to be baiting players into the wild for malicious reasons will be disciplined up to and including possible ban.

27. Server item restore policy: You are only entitled to an item refund in the case of a server crash or rollback. Any exceptions to this is at staffs discretion.

28. Be courteous and respectful of other players: Play nice. For instance, don't claim all around someone else's claim without prior permission. Don't snipe/steal mob drops when you didn't kill/help kill the mob. Some Terminology: Griefing/Griefer/Grief: Easily explained, someone who causes grief; If you were to harass/irritate another player, or cause someone frustration, that's likely causing them grief, and therefore griefing. AFK: Away-from-keyboard, simply meaning you're not available in-game or not even at your computer. Lag/Laggy/Lagging: In the context of the server this simply means that the server is falling behind while processing something, or taking to long to process a specific thing therefore not having enough time to process anything else.

Thanks for reading the rules

  • These rules are owned by DeVco. If you would like to use them for your own server feel free, however, please give us credit for them if you do!

Staff on DeVco servers are the “face” of our server infrastructure. The way they interact with players and handle staff duties reflects on all the staff members and our server as a whole.

With that in mind the following list contains rules/guidelines that they are expected to follow as a DeVco Staff member. If you don't think that you would be able to follow these, you probably aren't right for staff.

0. Staff are NOT allowed to raid bases of ACTIVE players! I.E. Players who have been online in the past 2 weeks.

1. Do not use staff abilities to benefit yourself or impact the server economy.

2. Do not use staff abilities to “help” your friends.

3. We do not expect you to put in a 40 hour “work” week, but we do expect you to remain active. At minimum we expect at least 8-9 hours ontime a week. If you need to be away for any length of time greater than 5 days you MUST make a post in the Staff Absence thread.

4. Do not steal/raid other players using staff abilities, i.e. /seen, /tp, /t spawn, etc.

5. Do not engage in PVP using staff abilities, i.e. /god, /fly, /tp, /vanish, etc.

6. Weekly Staff meetings are held on Wednesdays at 8:00pm EST and these are MANDATORY. If you cannot attend a meeting you need to post in the Missed Meetings thread.

7. Speak to players in a respectable and professional manner. There is no reason to “lord” your rank above other players.

8. Do not delete any staff members OR members post from the forums without approval from either the OP or an Owner (and yes we do check these things).

9. Training is mandatory upon hire OR promotion. You MUST contact the proper rank to train you when you have time for training. If at any time you would like a refresher course you may create an event there as well. Higher staff are under no obligation to track you down to train you.

10. USE COMMON SENSE. If you are unsure or it doesn’t seem right simply don’t do it. You can always ask a higher ranked staff member or an Owner.

11. Google is your friend. If you are unsure on HOW to do something, Google it first. There are many tutorials/videos on how things are done. Not to mention the numerous wikis for all of our plugins. If you still don’t know consult staff following the chain of command (lowest ranked first and then move up if they don't know). You can also find many commands on the staff command reference and the rank based responsibilities page we have provided you with.

12. Do not blow things out of proportion. If it’s a small problem keep it that way.

13. All tempbans and permabans must be documented with relevant screenshots and posted in the Banned Player Info thread in the staff section of the forums.

14. All staff may get a 1 time /nick. It does not necessarily have to be similar to your IGN, however it is preferred that way. Keep in mind this is a ONE TIME thing. So choose wisely.

15. Do NOT have a laggy base. As staff we should be an example of players of how to play right.

16. For any major griefing/bypassing you must notify Bloodytears0923, devryb, or any Senior-Admin no matter who is at fault. (Notification should be done on the respective servers Mod Hangout).

17. You must create an event and attend a Staff Review if Bloodytears0923 requests that you do so. Please choose 1 day and time slot and create an event for it. Keep in mind that she will only do ONE review per time slot. So make sure no one else has signed up for that time. You may view the schedule on the Staff Review Calendar.

18. You must sign up and use Slack.

19. Before you change your Minecraft name, you must clear it with an Admin or higher.

Keep in mind that we try to maintain a family friendly and fun server for all play styles. We want not only our members but our staff to enjoy their time on our servers.

The Owners would like you to know that we do appreciate the time and dedication you have put forth to maintain our wonderful set of servers.

And as always if you have any questions feel free to notify an Owner or higher ranked staff member.

  • The Owners can revoke your Staff rank at any time if they feel you either aren’t abiding the Rules/Guidelines or if they simply feel you are not a good fit with the Staff family.
  • These Rules/Guidelines are subject to change. So please reread them periodically to ensure you are up-to-date.
  • These rules are owned by DeVco. If you would like to use them for your own server feel free, however, please give us credit for them if you do!


The following setups are now banned in conjunction with chunk loaders (You may use online only chunk loaders with these setups): This is to help eliminate any unnecessary lag for when you're offline.

- Any type of excessive item generation to be used for scrap in the IC2 recycler

- Any AE2 autocrafting

- Excessive mob farms

- Excessive power generation setups (ex. mass squid farms)

- Any person with chunkloader access who has been offline more than 7 days may have their chunkloaders removed based on staff's discretion.

- Any person with chunkloader access may NOT place these for other members. They are for your use ONLY.

Note: this may be added to in the future so please continue to check this thread for updates to this policy.

Generally if your base isn't notoriously laggy from our profiling reports you will be in the clear.

Keep in mind, if you break any of our chunkloader policies we will not only break the anchors but you may also lose all rights to utilize them in the future.

Mob SpawnersEdit

There have been many issues with people's spawners and spawner setups on the server causing lag. So here is a basic guideline/rule set for spawners.

You can use either autospawners or spawners purchased at /warp voteshop. However here is a list of rules for them.

1. Spawners must have some form of off/on switch be it levers or rednet cables. Whatever you choose. But it most be able to be turned off or staff will destroy your spawners with no refunds. 2. Mobs must be killed at a faster rate than they are being spawned. The build up of mobs lags the server. 3. Mob farms cannot be chunk loaded. You can use iron block loaders, but not diamond block loaders. 4. If your mob farm is causing server lag staff will break your spawners and there will be no refunds.

Most importantly please just use your common sense. If it's laggy find another way to set it up. Grinders seem to be effective. If you need information on grinders check this wiki.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Thank you.

-DeVco Staff.


Now open and available at /warp mall, /warp shops, or /spawn (depending on the server). There are various shop sizes available for purchase.

Rules for the server mall:

1. Up to four shops may be owned per player. You can, however, ask staff to add other players to have permissions within your shop plot. 2. You may decorate your shop as you see fit. As long as nothing is generating particles or other FPS killers. 3. Once you purchase a shop you have 1 week to stock that shop. Any shops that are not stocked within one week of purchase will be removed. No refunds will be given and the shop will be put back on the market. 4. You must keep your shop stocked. If your shop is out of stock it will be removed. No refunds will be given and the shop will be put back on the market. (Having only 1 or 2 items for sale does not count as a stocked shop. At minimum 5 is required.) 5. Prices cannot be set lower than half of adminshop prices. Staff do random shop checks to make sure this is being done. If you are selling items that are NOT sold in adminshop and it is decided by staff it is too low you will be asked to change your price for said item. For any crafted items, ie. something you have to use machines to make like solar panels or mfsu's, you can sell that for 1/4 the price of base mats charge in admin shop. IF staff has to manually change your pricing for your shops you will be charged the $50 shop price change fee (taken directly from your current balance) and the price that will be set will be full adminshop prices. 6. You cannot use Computer Craft monitors in the shops. AE2 storage monitors are also not allowed. Nuclear Control monitors are allowed. 7. Any shops found to be lagging (either in TPS or FPS) will be asked to correct the issue. If not corrected staff will destroy the offending items and no refunds will be given. 8. Any Tome of Knowledge must be sold for $25,000 or more. Any less and the shop will be removed and will result in a ban.

The lowest an Ultimate Hybrid Solar Panel can be sold for is $14000. The lowest a Gravichestpiece can be sold for is $19000. If you are unsure of what you should charge feel free to ask a staff member and we will help you.

Buying Shops:

There are signs posted outside each shop that states the price. To purchase a shop right click the sign with the price on it. Once a shop is purchased no refunds will be given.

Setting up a QuickShop:

Place a chest. Hold the item in your hand you wish to sell. Left click the chest with that item. Enter the price you wish to sell the item for. Stock the chest with that item. Keep in mind that the price you are setting is for 1 item not a stack.

Useful Information: wiki for QuickShop

1. If you change the price of your shop you will be charged. (This is to dissuade those who want to constantly undercut everyone.) 2. You will be charged for each shop you create. 3. Deleting a shop will not earn you a refund on that shop. 4. If you are found to abuse the shop you will lose the right of owning a shop. 5. We no longer offer personal warps. 6. The only shops to be made should be at /warp mall or /spawn. Do not make separate malls or shops elsewhere.

Enjoy the new shops! And try to play fair with others. If you have any additional questions get with staff in-game. fRS6H.jpg Posted Feb 15, 15 · OP · Last edited Jun 22, 15 by anderjos002


Do not post any content containing or referring to:

   Death, Mutilation, Obscene, and or Sexual,
   Racist, Offensive, Harrassing, or Bullying,
   Disruptive in nature, Flaming,
   Impersonation of Staff or Owner,
   Illegal Content and or Copyrighted materials

2. If you are in a private channel and are asked to leave by the channel owner do so.

3. Do not harass any other team speak user.

4. Do not curse in channels that aren't specified as 18+.

5. If you have continuous voice transmission we will put you on force push-to-talk.

Keep in mind TS is not a right. It is an added bonus that has been made available to you by DeVco. If we find you abusing TS privileges we will ban you from TS.

VIP's of any rank may submit a ticket in game asking staff to create them their own locked channel that will require a password to enter. For these private channels you still must comply with the above mentioned TS rules. If you have any questions feel free to ask in game or poke us on TS. fRS6H.jpg Posted Nov 24, 14 · OP · Last edited Nov 24, 14 by anderjos002


From this point on any time it is "ok" to use detrimental Witchery on a player is if you see them in the wild. Any harmful or detrimental Witchery done on a player while they are in a claim is considered bypassing and can be a bannable offense. Furthermore, any Rite of Transposition done on a player without prior approval is also considered bypassing and can be a bannable offense.

So to ensure you are following our rules and guidelines make sure that players are NOT IN CLAIMS before doing detrimental Witchery on them.

Rewards Chunks Claim Blocks



Donations are made using real-world money and help maintain the network. In exchange, donators gain reward points as thanks which can be used in the reward store to purchase various items of convenience.

All pricing is given in USD as a standard, but many currencies are accepted including EUR, GBP, and AUD. It's generally advisable to buy more points in one go as higher values are more economical, in fact the rate per dollar climbs from 20 to 60 towards the bottom of the table. These prices are potneitally subject to change.

Points Price
20 $1
60 $3
100 $5
250 $10
500 $20
750 $30
2000 $50
3000 $75
5000 $100
7500 $150
15000 $250


/help donate



Homes are best thought of as custom warps which you can set and travel to at any time. They are set with /sethome <name> and called with /home <name>. Higher ranks have more homes avalible to set. They incur a 5 second warmup period before activating. Skyblock players have slightly different commands.


/home or /home <name>
/delhome or /delhome <name>
/sethome or /delhome <name>

Skyblock CommandsEdit

/s h or /is home
/is sethome




Multiverse worlds are personal, private worlds. They're available through the reward store and have a variety of options which can be customized, after which they're available to access from your server of choice.


  1. World seed
  2. First additional name for access trust
Multiverse World Cost
Border (blocks) Points
500 300
1000 600
2000 1500
5000 3000
  1. Second additional name for access trust
  2. World type (normal, Nether, End, flat)
  3. Time (regular cycle or paused cycle)
  4. Weather (on or off)
  5. Clock (noon or midnight)
  6. World border (500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 blocks)
  7. Server

Removing PlayersEdit

To remove player formerly named as guests, use the forum.





Reward points are used to purchase in-game conveniences from the reward store. Unlike money, which is server-specific, reward points are tied to your Enjin account and persist across servers until you spend them. To start earning reward points you must first register an Enjin account and then associate that account to your Minecraft account. This facilitates communication between the game and the website. If you're looking to do this, see the syncing guide here.

Gaining Points
Method Quantity Rate
Playtime 1 Per hour
Voting 4 Per vote
Donating 20-60 Per USD
Subscribing 25-50 Per USD
Liking forum posts 2 Per like
Posting on the forum 1 Per post
Completing feedback 20 Per form
Syncing 10 Per account


/help points




The reward store is the place to purchase special in-game conveniences with reward points. Reward points must first be enabled before you can start gaining them. If you're looking to do this, see the syncing guide here. A breif overview of the reward store includes:

  1. Kits (themed, skyblock)
  2. VIP ranks
  3. In-game money (point to money conversion)
  4. Perks (such as bonus commands and access to restricted items)
  5. Additional chunkloader chunks
  6. Additional claim blocks
  7. Additional homes
  8. Multiverse worlds (configurable private worlds)
  9. Free utilities




Subscriptions are an interesting alternative to direct payment and are the most economical method of gaining reward points. Subscribers receive points in a lump sum at the end of every month starting from the date the subscription was created and renew themselves monthly. Additionally, subscribers also gain access to special privileges which are unique to subscribers.

VIP TransferEdit

A unique benefit of being a silver or gold subscriber is that you can request to transfer VIP ranks from an old server to a new server every month. For silver subscribers this is permitted only for VIP-gold+ ranks and may happen once a month. For gold subscribers there is no limit on rank and may take place twice monthly. As these are handled by staff manually, a VIP rank transfer must be requested specifically in the forum using the transfer topic here.

Plan Monthly points Monthly price
Bronze 200 5 USD
Silver 500 10 USD
Gold 1000 20 USD


/help donate


Themed Kits



Utilities is a category of the reward store containing services which, unlike the rest of the store, have the unique distinction of being free. Once applied they take effect and can be used an unlimited number of times.

Jail MeEdit

Send yourself to spawn. This can be useful if you're in immediate danger. In such a situation it's best to disconnect immediately, jail yourself, wait a few minutes for the jail to take effect, and then rejoin. Disconnecting is optional but has the benefit of preventing your death before you're jailed.

Unjail MeEdit

Releases you from jail.

Delete InventoryEdit

Deletes your inventory. Handy if a held item is causing you to crash and you don't care about the other items.

Other UtilitiesEdit

It's possible other utilities will also be included here such as those which are useful for specific servers only. This list is subject to change.




Because there are so many, I decided to put them in their own article. To call the kit, type /kit <name> as it appears in the table. The items in each kit may change depending on the avalibility of mods in your modpack. They incur a cooldown of two weeks each. The cooldown is unique to the kit. VIPs may access all previous VIP kits in addition to their own. Data for banished is missing.

VIP Kit Availability
Accio 5
AdvNano 3
Amethyst 3 3 2
Bound 6 6 6 6
Crucio 6
Diamond 3 2 4 2 2 2 2 5 2 4 2 3 2 4
Enderium 6 56 6
EnDiamond 4 4 6 3 4 3 5 3 6 3 5 3 4 4 1
EnDiamond1 5
EnDiamond2 6
EnIron1 2
EnIron2 3
Ferrous 4
Gravi 6 6
Infused 6 5 5 5 5 4 5 5 4
Invar 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 1
Iron 1 1 1 1 1 1
ManaSteel 2 4 6
Nano 4 2
Obsidian 4 4 4
Quantum 5
Steel 2
TerraSteel 5 5 6 3
Thaum 3 3 3 3
Titanium 5
VIP Kit Contents
Accio Accio Shovel, Accio Sword, Accio Axe, Accio Hoe, Accio Pickaxe, Accio Helmet, Accio Leggings, Accio Boots, Accio Chestplate
AdvNano Nano Saber, NanoSuit Boots, NanoSuit Leggings, Advanced Solar Helmet, Advanced NanoChestPlate, Advanced Diamond Drill, Advanced Lappack, Chainsaw
Amethyst Amethyst Sword, Amethyst Shovel, Amethyst Pickaxe, Amethyst Axe, Amethyst Hoe, Amethyst Helmet, Amethyst Chestplate, Amethyst Leggings, Amethyst Boots
Bound Bound Pickaxe, Bound Axe, Bound Sword, Bound Shovel, Bound Helmet, Bound Plate, Bound Leggings, Bound Boots
Crucio Crucio Shovel, Crucio Sword, Crucio Axe, Crucio Hoe, Crucio Pickaxe, Crucio Helmet, Crucio Leggings, Crucio Boots, Crucio Chestplate
Diamond Diamond Sword, Diamond Shovel, Diamond Pickaxe, Diamond Axe, Diamond Hoe, Diamond Helmet, Diamond Chestplate, Diamond Leggings, Diamond Boots
Enderium Enderium Flux Helmet, Enderium Flux Chestplate, Enderium Flux Leggings, Enderium Flux Boots, Gelid Enderium Sword, Gelid Enderium Axe, Gelid Enderium Shovel, Gelid Enderium Pickaxe
EnDiamond Diamond Sword -Sharpness V, Looting III, Fire Aspect II, Diamond Shovel -Unbreaking III, Fortune III, Efficiency V, Diamond Pickaxe -Unbreaking III, Fortune III, Efficiency V, Diamond Axe -Unbreaking III, Fortune III, Efficiency V, Diamond Hoe -Unbreaking III, Diamond Helmet -Unbreaking III, Protection IV, Fire Protection IV, Diamond Chestplate -Unbreaking III, Protection IV, Fire Protection IV, Diamond Leggings -Unbreaking III, Protection IV, Fire Protection IV, Diamond Boots -Unbreaking III, Protection IV, Fire Protection IV
EnDiamond1 Diamond Sword -Sharpness I, Looting I, Fire Aspect I, Diamond Shovel -Unbreaking I, Fortune I, Efficiency I, Diamond Pickaxe -Unbreaking I, Fortune I, Efficiency I, Diamond Axe -Unbreaking I, Fortune I, Efficiency I, Diamond Hoe -Unbreaking I, Diamond Helmet -Unbreaking I, Protection I, Fire Protection I, Diamond Chestplate -Unbreaking I, Protection I, Fire Protection I, Diamond Leggings -Unbreaking I, Protection I, Fire Protection I, Diamond Boots -Unbreaking I, Protection I, Fire Protection I
EnDiamond2 Diamond Sword -Sharpness V, Looting III, Fire Aspect II, Diamond Shovel -Unbreaking III, Fortune III, Efficiency V, Diamond Pickaxe -Unbreaking III, Fortune III, Efficiency V, Diamond Axe -Unbreaking III, Fortune III, Efficiency V, Diamond Hoe -Unbreaking III, Diamond Helmet -Unbreaking III, Protection IV, Fire Protection IV, Diamond Chestplate -Unbreaking III, Protection IV, Fire Protection IV, Diamond Leggings -Unbreaking III, Protection IV, Fire Protection IV, Diamond Boots -Unbreaking III, Protection IV, Fire Protection IV
EnIron1 Iron Sword -Sharpness I, Looting I, Fire Aspect I, Iron Shovel -Unbreaking I, Fortune I, Efficiency I, Iron Pickaxe -Unbreaking I, Fortune I, Efficiency I, Iron Axe -Unbreaking I, Fortune I, Efficiency I, Iron Hoe -Unbreaking I, Iron Helmet -Unbreaking I, Protection I, Fire Protection I, Iron Chestplate -Unbreaking I, Protection I, Fire Protection I, Iron Leggings -Unbreaking I, Protection I, Fire Protection I, Iron Boots -Unbreaking I, Protection I, Fire Protection I
EnIron2 Iron Sword -Sharpness V, Looting III, Fire Aspect II, Iron Shovel -Unbreaking III, Fortune III, Efficiency V, Iron Pickaxe -Unbreaking III, Fortune III, Efficiency V, Iron Axe -Unbreaking III, Fortune III, Efficiency V, Iron Hoe -Unbreaking III, Iron Helmet -Unbreaking III, Protection IV, Fire Protection IV, Iron Chestplate -Unbreaking III, Protection IV, Fire Protection IV, Iron Leggings -Unbreaking III, Protection IV, Fire Protection IV, Iron Boots -Unbreaking III, Protection IV, Fire Protection IV
Ferrous Ferrous Sword, Ferrous Shovel, Ferrous Pickaxe, Ferrous Axe, Ferrous Hoe, Ferrous Helmet, Ferrous Armor, Ferrous Leggings, Ferrous Boots
Gravi QuantumSuit Boots, QuantumSuit Leggings, GraviChestPlate, Ultimate Solar Helmet, Iridium Drill, Ultimate Lappack, Advanced Chainsaw, Vajra
Infused Flux-Infused Helm, Flux-Infused Chestplate, Flux-Infused Leggings, Flux-Infused Boots, Flux-Infused Sword, Flux-Infused Axe, Flux-Infused Shovel, Flux-Infused Pickaxe
Invar Invar Sword, Invar Shovel, Invar Pickaxe, Invar Axe, Invar Hoe, Invar Helmet, Invar Armor, Invar Leggings, Invar Boots
Iron Iron Helmet, Iron Leggings, Iron Boots, Iron Chestplate, 2x Iron Axe Head, 2x Iron Shovel Head, Iron Pickaxe Head, Iron Binding, Iron Sword Blade, Iron Wide Guard, 5x Iron Tool Rod, Tool Forge
ManaSteel Manasteel Chestplate, Manasteel Leggings, Manasteel Boots, Manasteel Helmet, Manasteel Sword, Manasteel Shovel, Manasteel Pickaxe, Manasteel Axe, Manasteel Shears
Nano Nano Saber, NanoSuit Boots, NanoSuit Leggings, NanoSuit Bodyarmor, NanoSuit Helmet, Diamond Drill, Advanced Lappack, Electric Jetpack, Solar Helmet
Obsidian Obsidian Helmet, Obsidian Chestplate, Obsidian Leggings, Obsidian Boots, Obsidian Sword, Obsidian Paxel, Obsidian Hoe
Quantum QuantumSuit Boots, QuantumSuit Leggings, QuantumSuit Bodyarmor, Hybrid Solar Helmet, Advanced Diamond Drill, Ultimate Lappack, Advanced Chainsaw
Steel Steel Chestplate, Steel Leggings, Steel Boots, Steel Helmet, 4x Steel Tool Rod, Obsidian Binding, Steel Shovel Head, Steel Sword Blade, Steel Axe Head, Steel Pickaxe Head, Obsidian Wideguard, Steel Shears
TerraSteel Terra Blade, Terra Shatterer, Terrasteel Helmet, Terrasteel Chestplate, Terrasteel Leggings, Terrasteel Boots
Thaum Thaumium Chestplate, Thaumium Leggings, Thaumium Boots, Thaumium Helmet, Thaumium Sword, Thaumium Shovel, Thaumium Pickaxe, Thaumium Hoe, Thaumium Axe
Titanium Titanium Sword, Titanium Shove, Titanium Pickaxe, Titanium Axe, Titanium Hoe, Titanium Helmet, Titanium Chestplate, Titanium Leggings, Titanium Boots

VIP Perks
Rank Biome* Hunger loss* Bonus chunks Bonus claim blocks Bonus homes Bonus money** Bonus XP Offline chunks
VIP-stone Mushroom 75.00% 50 4000 8 $5000 8
VIP-iron Mushroom 75.00% 50 8000 8 $10000 16
VIP-gold Hell 50.00% 75 16000 16 $20000 32
VIP-lapis Hell 50.00% 75 32000 16 $40000 64
VIP-diamond Sky 25.00% 75 64000 32 $80000 128 27
VIP-emerald Sky 25.00% 75 128000 32 $160000 256 27
*Applies only to skyblock servers
**Applies to type-a servers (CC, DEP, DEV, DW, INF, PF, RRM, TDT, TPPI, Vanilla, otherwise divide by 10).
VIP Access
Rank Commands* Access Sub transfer
VIP-stone /ch vip, /echest, /craft TC arcane bore Gold+
VIP-iron /feed, /fly Gold+
VIP-gold /weather, /kittycannon CC turtles Silver+
VIP-lapis /top, /lightning Silver+
VIP-diamond /time Witchery poppet shelf, AE2 spacial IO Silver+
VIP-emerald /jump Silver+


VIP's of any rank may submit a ticket in game asking staff to create them their own locked channel that will require a password to enter. If you have any questions feel free to ask in game or poke us on TS.

VIP Ranks
Rank Points
VIP-stone 300
VIP-iron 600
VIP-gold 1200
VIP-lapis 1800
VIP-diamond 2400
VIP-emerald 3000
  • VIP ranks are a feature of the reward store
  • Higher level VIPs have access to additional privileges
  • VIP ranks can be transferred to a new server if you're a subscriber


Additional ranks, called VIP ranks, are purchased in the reward store. Higher ranks allow access to additional restricted items, depending on the server. (You can check this using the server information page located on the site). They also allow access to additional commands or options, with emerald-VIPs enjoying the greatest amount of freedom avalible. VIP ranks are avalible for skyblock servers. Unlike preceeding ranks they can't be purchased with in-game money. If you are also a subscriber you may transfer VIP ranks a limite number of times per month.


/help vote


Voting is a good way of supporting the network without donating. You can do this by visiting the site and following the links provided to the right, or by typing /vote in chat to be linked directly. Five links are provided for you to vote a maximum of five times daily. While on economy type-a servers (such as Skyfactory), each vote earns $10, and economy-b servers (such as DW20) earns $20, with an initial bonus of $100 for the first vote of the day. Additionally, each vote gives 4 reward points for a total daily gain of 20 points. After voting on all five sites, your name will be broadcast. If you think you missed point from voting, appeal in the forym using the provided link.





Chat is global by default. Every server can see the messages of every other server. The technical details are that every player automatically joins the network-wide global chat channel when they first start playing, called global. There are multiple channels avalible.


  1. Global (g)
  2. Trade (tr)
  3. Help 9(h)
  4. Local (l)
  5. Serverwide (sw)
  6. VIP (d)





/c info or /c info <name>
/c join <name>
/c list
/c new <name>
/c res <name>



As expected, mail is used to leave messages for people. You can't send mail across servers. If you send a mail to a player playing on another sverver the message will wait for them to log on before notifying them. Mail can be useful. Maybe you're working on something and you need to leave an update for other people and don't want to leave a bunch of signs lying around. Ta-da, mail.


/mail clear
/mail read
/mail send <name> <text>

twitter twitch ts

  • Parties are private chat rooms


Parties function in the expected manner. In regard to chat, which is present on every server, it allows you to create custom chat channels which are private to you and whoever you invite. On skyblock servers this also refers to the concept of island ownership and access. For example, players in a party may freely enter an island which has been locked to outsiders.


/party ban <name> or /party unban <name>
/party chat - Toggle party chat.
/party help
/party host
/party join <name> or /party leave <name>
/party info
/party members <name>
/party kick <name>

Skyblock CommandsEdit

/is accept or /is reject
/is invite <name> or /is kick <name>
/is join or /is leave
/is makeleader <name> <name> - Where old player is on the left.
/is party


Private messages Tags



FPS Frames-per-second. An indication of how well your hardware is rendering the game.


Lag Delayed responsiveness.

Mod 1) Abbreviation of moderator. 2) A mod, custom content for Minecraft, often assembled into collections.


Reconnect Disconnect and then rejoin the server.

Relaunch Exit out of the game, and relaunch the entire program from the launcher.

Relog A.k.a. "relaunch".

TPS Ticks-per-second. An indication of how well the server is processing the game. Ideal is 20.

Vanilla Unmodded, original Minecraft.

VIP VIP rank, usually puchased.

Support Ban appeals are handled here:

If you're unable to connect, firstly ensure your server isn't down for maintenence.

How do I rank up/be member? Either by playtime or by purchasing it in the server menu (Skyfactory).. to a point.

How do I change my biome? Via the server menu, but you must be member or higher.

Is there a way to only see and talk to my server? Yes, type the following /lv g then /j sw

All I see are dragon infusers! Relaunch your game. I believe this is an Optifine-related render error.

Who made all the custom plugins? That would probably be KaiNoMood, Devco's resident developer.

Who built this spawn? That would probably be Wandorf, Devco's resident architect.

Are there NPC or admin shops? Yes, in the server menu, type /b.

Why is inventory tweaks messed up? If you're playing Skyfactory, it's probably because you also installed dual hotbar. Disable it.

Why is my rank messed up? Unless you changed your Minecraft name, this is usually fixed by reconnecting.

How to make money? See the money section.

How can I submit a ticket in the Hub? Use the webstie ticket service.



Help Pages ( is a Bukkit plugin which allow admins to create an help index listing a variety of topics for quick reference, like an in-game wiki. It can be accessed with /help.


/help chat
/help points
/help rules
/help donate
/help wiki
/help vote
/help fakeplayers
/help website
/help ranks
/help shoprules
/help chunkloaders

FTB LauncherEdit



To install packs using the ATLauncher:

  1. Download and open the installation program from
  2. Enter your Minecraft account credentials by navigating to the "accounts" tab.
  3. Download a new instance of your pack of choice via the "packs" tab, selecting the appropriate version. (
  4. Open the "instances" tab and optionally toggle mods as required using the button provided.

Curse LauncherEdit


If you're looking for specific knowledge about a particular mod, the following can help:

If it's regarding a recipe or process, be sure it's not listed in NEI Run a Google search, enclosing specific phrases in quotes for higher accuracy ("test pack please ignore 2" guide). Ask players in chat

Reward point refunds are handled here:

Skyblock servers follow a unique set of rules as provided by the uSkyblock plugin, so if you find an undocumented deviation or are confused, it's possible you've encountered one of these differences. These are detailed where possible on the appropriate pages. Your question may also appear in the FAQ.



If you're looking for help in-game, tickets are the preferred method of requesting assistance from staff. Tickets are small packets of information which can be tracked and managed. They're created with the command /ticket <text>. Once created, tickets are assigned a unique ID and are added to a central database which staff can view and assign as necessary. Before creating a ticket, kindly ensure:

  1. Your query isn't a question which other players in chat can't answer (such as mod-related "how-to")
  2. Your query isn't something which can be found using Google
  3. Your query isn't explained elsewhere on this wiki or site
  4. Your query is concise, using /replayticket if making use of multiple lines

Site TicketsEdit

There's a ticket service avalible on the site which allows a much greater degree of freedom over how much information you provide, including an optional console log section. For advanced problems it may be necessary to use this method instead. After doing so it's advised to create a regular ticket prompting staff to direct their attention to the site's ticket section where your concern may then be handled promptly.


/checkticket <number> /closeticket <number> /ticket <text> /tickets /replyticket <number>



/b /bot or /bot leaderboard /kit or /kit <name> /pl


/ch <name> /chi - Channel info /chl - Channel list /lev <name>


/afk /ignore /m <name> /r


/bcl list


/c /c info or /c info <name> /c join <name> /c list /c new <name> /c res <name>


/abandonallclaims /abandontoplevelclaim /basicclaim or /subdivideclaim /buyclaim <number> or /sellclaim <number> /claim <number> /claimlist /claimexplosions /declaim /givepet - Gives a tamed animal. /trust <name>, /containertrust <name>, /accesstrust <name> or /entrytrust <name>


/bal /bal top /pay

Ender ChestsEdit



/help /help chat /help points /help rules /help donate /help wiki /help vote /help fakeplayers /help website /help ranks /help shoprules /help chunkloaders


/hqm reset


/delhome <name> /home <name> /sethome <name>


/ping /rules /seen <name> /tps or /cofh tps


/donate /vote /website


/mail clear /mail read /mail send <name> <text>


//calc /trapped

Mob ArenaEdit

/ma /ma arenas /ma class <name> /ma join <name> or /ma leave /ma notready /ma spec <name>



Party= /party ban <name> or /party unban <name> /party chat - Toggle party chat. /party help /party host /party join <name> or /party leave <name> /party info /party members <name> /party kick <name>


/challenges, /challenges <name>, /challenges complete <name> /is - Open the island menu interface. /is accept or /is reject /is create or /is restart /is h /is info /is invite <name> or /is ban <name> /is kick <name> /is leave /is level or /is level <name> /is lock or /is unlock /is makeleader <name> /is party /is togglewarp /is top /is trust <name> or /is untrust <name> /is sethome /is setwarp /is warp /ranks


/tpa /tpahere /tpyes or /tpno


/checkticket <number> /closeticket <number> /ticket <text> /tickets /replyticket <number>


/ch vip /craft /echest /feed /fly /jump /kittycannon /lightning /time /top /weather


/back /spawn /warp <name>


Devco sometimes has to change certain config settings from the default and these details are availible on the banned items pages of their respective servers.



Sometimes mods will attempt to build or unbuild something in a claim, however they may be prevented from doing so by the claims protection plugin. In order to permit them, the process is similar to trustng players. A fake name must be given which tells the game to allow a specific mod.




/trust #<name> /help fakeplayers



Some simple guidelines.

  • Keep things simple. Adding more information does not always improve the clarity of a subject. As an example, the first sentence here is arguably redundant.
  • Try not to state the obvious. If the reader has made it this far they possess a degree of initiative and will probably be familiar with the absolute basics.
  • Try to keep formal terms intact. "Reward points" and "reward store" should preferably appear in their married versions although exceptions apply, such as when space is limited, or if they have already been stated recently in the same passage.
  • Strike a happy medium between keeping things friendly for international readers and being concise.
  • Keep things as timeless as possible. Every new minor detail (such as modpack versions) is potentially a detail which must be corrected down the line.

Please remember to include noinclude tags at the top and bottom of any article as demonstrated. This allows the superguide to determine which information to show when transcribing content from other pages. Technical explanation: Wikia automatically produces a TOC when you start adding headings, and as this is undesirable, it's is disabled everywhere except the superguide page, which has its own contents. The navbox at the bottom is the reverse, appearing individually but not in the superguide where it would cause clutter. Noinclude tags manage this. If you're just changing a couple of details don't worry about it, basically.

Things to do:Edit

  • Links!


This is a page completley dedicated to the coolest builds on DevCo. All of the builds will be seperated into different servers and then subsections of appearance and functionality. ex. A large space shuttle recreation that did nothing but look nice would be appearance. While a mob farm that auto fed bonemeal to all the tree farms which then fed the boilers to power the mob farm and tree farms, would be under functional.

Yogscast Complete PackEdit

Appearance Edit

Functionality Edit


Appearance Edit

Functionality Edit


Appearance Edit

Functionality Edit


Appearance Edit

Functionality Edit


Appearance Edit

Functionality Edit

RR LiteEdit

Appearance Edit

Functionality Edit

This page is intended to be a reference sheet of the commands available to non staff members of the DevCo community.

You will find many of the commands are fallowed with stuff in "< >" symbols. These symbols are not actually typed when you use the command. They are only here to denote information you need (unless stated as optional) to supply. For example the command "/sethome <name>" might be entered "/sethome base", or "/sethome quarry".

General commands Edit

/help <command> - MC has a built in help system, this is how you access it. <Command> is purely optional, and if left out, will present you with a full, paged, list of all the commands at your disposal. When <command> is included, you will be given help specifically on that command alone.

/ehelp <keyword> - Will list help topics which contain the keyword entered. For example "/ehelp shop" would return "ChestShop" if it is installed on your server.

/bot - Gives you details about how long you have played.

/afk - Sets your status as AFK /away

/list - Lists the players online and how many player slots are open.

/rules - Displays the rules.

Communications Edit

/w or /msg <player> - Send a player a private chat message. Note, the other player must be on the same server as you.

/r - Reply (in private) to the last player that sent you a private message.

/ignore <player> - Ignore specified player

/mail - Allows you to send & receive in game mail.

Getting help (Tickets) Edit

Tickets are used in game to request help from server staff, and are meant to be used for things only staff can assist with. Please ask general questions, or for basic help in public chat, we have a great community and you'll be amazed how often you can get your answers from another 'normal' (non staff) player.

1.6 servers Edit

/ticket <details> - Create a trouble ticket with the included details. Please be as clear in your details as possible, keeping in mind MC has a message length limit. Once you submit your ticket, the system will respond witha ticket #, please make note of this number.

/tickets - View your tickets

/checkticket <ticket #> - Check the status of the ticket with the given #.

1.7 servers Edit

/ticket <details> - Create a trouble ticket with the included details. Please be as clear in your details as possible, keeping in mind MC has a message length limit. Once you submit your ticket, the system will respond witha ticket #, please make note of this number.

/ticket list - Get a list of your open tickets

/ticket comments <#> - Get a list of comments for this ticket

/ticket comments add <#> <message> - Add a new comment to this ticket

Getting around Edit

/spawn - Teleport to the overworld spawn point.

/warp <destination> - Teleports you to a preset location. Using "/warp" by itself will list all available destinations.

/rtp - Teleports you to some random location in your current world. This is great for getting away from spawn to start that new base, or mining operation. Note however there is a cooldown time with this command. Also, it may not be on all servers.

/back - (Ability gained at "Trusted" rank) Teleports you back to the last place you teleported from. This extremely useful to get back to a death point.

/myworld - Teleports you to the spawn of your personal multiverse world. These personal worlds can be purchased from the reward store.

/t spawn <town> - (1.6 servers only) Teleports you to the spawn location of the specified town. If the optional <town> parameter is omitted, you will be telported to your town.

Player TP requests Edit

It is possible to teleport to another player, or request they teleport to you.

/tpa <player> - Request to teleport to another player's location

/tpahere <player> - Asks the specified player to accept transport to your location

/tpaccept - Accept someone else's request to be teleported to you

/tpdeny - Deny someone else's request to teleport to you

Homes Edit

Homes allow you to set certain locations to teleport back to at will. You can think of them as 'bookmarks' of sorts. .. On the 1.6 servers you can set your first home point when you reach the "Member" rank (16hrs of /ontime). On the 1.7 server you can set your first home point at any time. Once you reach the "Trusted" rank (2 days 16hrs (64hrs) of /ontime) you can set up to 3 home points... You can also buy the ability to set even more homes from the rewards store. I would recommend against doing this until after you have earned the "Trusted" rank, as the automated ranking system may overwrite the setting, requiring you to get staff help to fix it.

NOTE: Prior to reaching the trusted rank, the "<name>" parameter is completely ignored, and the name "home" will automatically be used.

/sethome <name> - Create a new home point with the given name.

/delhome <name> - Remove a home you previously set using "/sethome"

/home <name> - Teleport to the specified home point.

Economy Edit

/balance - Check the balance of your in game money.

/balancetop - Displays the top account balances

/pay <player> <amount> - Gives the designated player in game money from your balance.

/b - Opens the Boss shop.. This gives you in game access to the admin shop (uses in game money), and reward store (uses your rewards points. (Points are earned by playing, voting, participating on the forums, etc))

/kit <name> - Get items from the server. Using "/kit" by itself will list the kits you have available to you. Most servers have a free kit of starter items (stone tools, wood armor, food, etc). This is also how you will get items that you purchased from the reward store.

Protection Edit

NOTE: Staff members can bypass all protection.

1.6 servers (MyTown) Edit

The 1.6 servers use the MyTown mod to provide protection. MyTown is extremely powerful and flexible, and as such has a massive list of commands. For the intent of this page, I will only list the most important and basic commands. They will at least get you started. Please check >HERE< (link needed) for a more detailed explanation of MuTown and it's commands.

/t help - Get the complete MyTown commands list, and further help with each of them.

/t new <name> - Create a new town

/t claim <rect #> - Claim new chunks for your town (1 chunk = 16x16, check f9 to see the chunk boundaries). If you omit the optional parameter, the chunk you are standing in will be claimed. ... To claim multiple chunks at once,use the optional "rect" parameter, followed by a number. This will claim a square of chunks radiating out # chunks in all four directions, from your current position. In other words, "/t claim rect 1" will claim 9 chunks (3x3), "/t claim rect 4" will claim 81 chunks (9x9), with the center of these areas being where you are currently standing.

/t unclaim <rect #> - Unclaims chunks, making it possible for you to use a claim elsewhere... The "rect" parameter works in the same way as it does for claiming.

/t invite <player> - Invite the specified player to become a member of your town.

/t setspawn - Each town can have it's own dedicated spawn location. Stand where you want people to arrive, and use this command, that spot will be saved.

/t spawn <town> - (1.6 servers only) Teleports you to the spawn location of the specified town. If the optional <town> parameter is omitted, you will be telported to your town.

/t perm - View and set permissions... This is where MyTown gets extremely powerful. There is an extensive permissions system! You can set permissions for the town as a whole, a singular chunk in the town, or all chunks which have been assigned to a particular member of the town... One permission you may want to set right away is "/t perm town set out none". This permission will prevent anyone that is not a member of your town from even entering it.

1.7 servers (Grief Prevention) Edit

The 1.7 servers use the "Grief Prevention" plugin for deealing with claims and protection.,,

Claims Edit

Use a golden shovel to mark out, and identify the boundaries of your claims, and to adjust their sizes.

/SubdivideClaims - Switches your shovel to subdivision mode, so you can subdivide your claims into many smaller claims.

/BasicClaims - Switches your shovel back to basic claims mode.

/abandonclaim - remove the claim you are standing in

/abandonallclaims - remove all your claims. Be extra careful when using this command.

/ClaimExplosions Toggles if explosions are allowed in the claim.

Trust (permissions) Edit

Be careful whom to trust. Use commands inside a claim to alter the settings for that claim only. Use outside a claim to adjust settings for all your current claims.

/trust <player> - Allow a player to do anything and access everything in the claim.

/AccessTrust <player> - Gives a player permission to use your doors, buttons, levers, and beds.

/ContainerTrust <player> - Gives a player permission to use your doors, buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers (chests and machines), and animals.

/PermissionTrust <player> - Allows the specified player to share his permission level with others.

/trustlist - View a detailed list of whom you have given what permissions to.

/untrust <player> - remove someone from your trusted list (in Grief Prevention)

All DeVco Servers will soon be going to a point based economy to purchase items from the Donation Store, the adminshop, and the voteshop. To be eligible to receive points for your ontime, votes, and Enjin Milestones you will need to make an Enjin account, register on DeVco website, and sync your Minecraft character on Enjin.

The following is an instruction guide on how to do so.

1. Go to

2. In the upper right hand corner click on the Register link.

3. Create a Username, enter your valid email address, and create a Password.

4. Check the email address you entered and confirm your account.

5. Go back to and click Login in the upper right hand side. Login to the website.

6. Follow the prompts to add your Minecraft character to your Enjin account.

Once you’ve entered the code provided you have successfully created and registered via Enjin and will now receive points that can be spent at all the above mentioned shops.

For those of you who currently have an Enjin account and wish to sync your Minecraft character to it do the following steps.

1. Go to

2. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner. This will take your to your profile.

3. Click on Characters on the right hand side. Click Add Character. Follow the prompts.

Once you’ve entered the code provided you have successfully sync’d your Minecraft character and will now receive points that can be spent at all the above mentioned shops.

Write the first paragraph of your page here.

Page OverviewEdit

Have a question about the server that you just can't figure out? Listed here are questions that the players commonly ask. This page will be expanded as new questions are added.

Questions (most pertain to all servers on DeVcoEdit

Q: How do I protect my stuff?

A: On Devco 1.6.4 servers, we use a plugin similar to Towny for protecting your base called MyTown. /t new [Town Name] to create your town! The size of your town uses Minecraft's chunk system, hitting f9 will bring up borders between each chunk. To claim area outside of your 1 chunk area (16x16 down to bedrock) you need to enter another chunk and type /t claim. But don't think you can just go around claiming the whole world! As a newbie you start out with a limited amount of chunks but as you ascend the ranks you recieve more chunks for claiming.

File:First step in 1.7.10 .png

On 1.7.10 servers, we use GriefPrevention. Take a golden shovel and right click in opposite corners of an area to claim that rectangular area from bedrock to sky limit.

Q: I started claiming and after 100 or so blocks I couldn't claim anymore?

A: Newbies start out with a relatively small number of claimblocks but don't worry! You receive 100 claimblocks per hour of play, thats per server. You also can buy more in the reward store ( with points. You also get quite a few more when you purchase VIP ranks on a server.

Q: What are points and how do I get them?

A: Points are Devco's currency, they are not in-game money but can used to purchased items and perks in the reward store ( Points are granted primarily from voting, other ways may present themselves but not very often. Each site you vote on grants you 4 points, up to 20 in total, yes 5 sites all found on the Devco home page ( But remember: If you are not logged into a server you will recieve points but you will not recieve any in-game money from voting.

Q: Devco Ranks, what are they?

A: Devco ranks are tags that appear in chat when a player types something, they are located after a server tag (e.g. HZ, SF, DEV, INF) and before a players name. These ranks are used to determine a players time played for the most part at least. For more in depth info aout ranks see 'Devco Ranks' wiki page.

Q: LAG! (why I lagging?)

A: Lag huh? There are quite a few different forms of it and not many people know how to figure out what type it is or how to deal with it, fortunately there is a way to 'deal' with lag with a few short steps. The first thing you should when you believe you're lagging is type /tps and /cofh tps, are any of the numbers not 20's?

The /tps command measures the servers tps from the past 1, 5, 10 minutes and brings up 3 numbers respectively; example: 11, 18, 20, now that 11 is bad, if any of the numbers is below 15 you would have begun to feel 'lag'. Now you can tell that the 'lag' is server wide and either telling the devco staff the tps in chat or making a ticket (/ticket <msg>) will get this fixed as soon as possible. However if the /tps command tells you numbers all above 15; example: 18, 19, 20 then you should use /cofh tps.

The /cofh tps command tells you the tps the moment you sent it through chat, it brings up a lot of info, but to make it simple if any of them are below 10 then the server is lagging. Now if you type it again shortly after the first and if the number's read 20 again, the server is no longer lagging, yay! Wait... I just lagged again. If you use /cofh tps several times over say 15 seconds and see the tps go from 5 to 20 to 5 again then the server is spiking, usually this fixes itself in a reasonably quick amount of time. However the amount of time it takes to fix itself is enough for it to register with /tps, wait another minute after you type /tps to see if the spiking has affected it, if it has not and its still spiking make a ticket (/ticket <msg>) explaining the server is spiking and /tps is not showing it.

There are other forms of lag but this answer is solely for server side lag. A page will be made in the future for troubleshooting (hopefully) all forms of lag.

The following are the servers currently running on Devco: Edit

  • Agrarian Skies - and
  • Banished -
  • CrundeeCraft -
  • Departed -
  • Devco Modpack -
  • Direwolf20 - and
  • Horizons: Daybreaker -
  • Hubris -
  • Infinity - and
  • Obscurity -
  • Project Flux* -
  • Regrowth - and
  • Resonant Rise Mainline* -
  • SkyFactory* - and
  • The Dark Trilogy -
  • TPPI 2 -
  • Vanilla -
  • Hub Server -

*- Please note some packs are modified for the sake of stability/enjoyment.

For more up to date information, please visit: here.

There are many different ranks within the Devco community, they range from basic player ranks such as newbie and trusted to VIP ranks to staff ranks. Edit

I will attempt to sort the ranks in a manner that seems appropriate, if there is a 'better' way then feel free to edit my work :)

Time Played Ranks:

Newbie - This is the first rank you'll see next to your name when you start on any server (this may rarely differ depending on time played verses server setup). This rank requires no play time.

Member - The second rank achieved by playing on any devco server except SkyFactory and Agrarian Skies for 16 hours. On SF and AS servers you must buy the this rank in /b or /is with in-game money. Now at this rank you aquire some perks, the first being /back, this can be used after tping but not to return to your death point. (so say you use /home and forget to grab something and didn't set a waypoint, use /back to return to that point)

Trusted - Third and last rank that can achieved by play time alone, the amount of time required for this rank is 64 hours. For those you who aren't good at math thats 2 days and 16 hours (24+24+16). Now the perks for this rank are: 3 homes (/sethome <name>, default /home will become /home home) and access to use /back for death.

Skyfactory and Agrarian Skies Ranks:

Newbie - The first rank you'll see next to your name when you start.

Member - This rank is bought via /b or /is and is the second rank. Costs 500.

Veteran - The third rank which is also bought from either /b or /is. Costs 800.

Elite - The fourth rank, bought from /b or /is. Costs 1500.

VIP ranks: Can be acquired from the DeVco reward store:

Please note ranks may not have the same bonuses on each server.

Stone -

Iron -

Gold -

Lapis -

Diamond -

Emerald -

If you use any of the material in this wiki, please credit Devco as the original author.

Pages Link
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Server Resets
Server Resets
Minecraft Rules
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DeVco Guide
Points, Forums
Point Refunds
Staff Guidelines
Multiverse World
Uncategorized Rules
VIP Ranks
Uncategorized Rules

This page will possibly feature templates if it becomes necessary to list tables in one easy-to-edit place, for example if prices change. It's possible to reverse-reference them so changes to this list would action immiediately, but we'll see.




Certain items are banned if they're judged to be potentially harmful and banned item lists for each server are avalible on the website under the appropriate modpack section. This list can change without warning, so check often. A privilage of owning a higher rank means you're also permitted a greater degree of freedom over banned items, and these are also avalible to view on the banned item page. VIP-emerald players enjoy the greatest freedom over banned items.


/help rules


  • Devco use custom chunkloaders
  • They're created using by r-clicking a block of iron with a blaze rod
  • Higher ranks get more loadable chunks


Chunkloading is a common practice in modded Minecraft which forces the server to load certain chunks even when nobody is around. This allows machines and other processes to continue running unattended.

Custom ChunkloadersEdit

Traditional chunkloaders are banned in favor of custom Devco chunkloders which the staff can manage more easily. They're created by placing a block of iron and then right-clicking the block with a blaze rod. By default players can load a maximim of 9 chunks, and this limit is increased with rank. For VIP-diamond and VIP-emerald players, offline chunks can be established by placing a diamond block and right-clicking with a blaze rod.

Ranks and Chunks
Rank Chunks Offline Chunks
Newbie 9 0
Member 18 0
Trusted* 45 0
VIP-stone 50 0
VIP-iron 50 0
VIP-gold 75 0
VIP-lapis 75 0
VIP-diamond 75 27
VIP-emerald 75 27
*Skyfactory equivalent rank is veteran


/bcl list /help chunkloaders


  • Claims protect your property
  • They are modified using a golden shovel
  • Visitors are automatically pushed out of claims
  • Access rules can be set using commands
  • Skyblock islands are claimed atomatically, and have slightly different commands


Claims are areas of land which are protected against modification by anyone who is not the claim owner. If you're playing a skyblock pack with a void world, your island and the surrounding area is protected automatically. If you're playing a traditional modpack with an overworld, however, it's vital you claim your property as soon as possible if you wish to protect it from intruders, and this is done by either placing a chest or by using a golden shovel.

Chest MethodEdit

If you have zero claimed blocks, such as in the situation where you're joining a server for the first time, the next chest you place will automatically claim the area around it in a 9-block diameter. This is intended to give you a small area to work in until you can mine gold and create a golden shovel to modify the claim. If you need to move this initial claim you can type "/declaim" and then place the chest again, and a new area will be claimed.

Shovel MethodEdit

Once you have a golden shovel (some /kit tools provide this) you can create or resize claim boundaries. Every player starts with 100 claim blocks and this number increases by 100 per (real) hour play time. The instructions appear as you use the shovel: Glowstone blocks indicate corners, gold blocks indicate boundaries, right click to adjust to your liking. It's best to claim as many extra terrain blocks in all directions as possible to be extra secure. If you need more claim blocks you can buy more with "/buyclaimblocks <number>" for $6 a block, or by purchasing them in the store.


By default the only person allowed in your claim is you, and claims will automatically repel violators if they enter the area. To allow visitors (including TP requests) you must first set the security level of your claim. Guests are permitted with "/entrytrust <name>", allowing them to physically set foot on your land. "/accesstrust <name>" is the degree above, allowing levers, doors and redstone-type interactables to also be accessed. "/containertrust <name>" follows from this, allowing inventories (such as chests and machines) to accessed. Finally "/trust <name>" allows all access, including the placing of blocks. "Public" and "all" are false names which aren't specific to one player. "/entrytrust public", for example, disables the auto-kick action of the claim.


/abandonclaim or /declaim - Removes the claim you're standing in.
/abandonallclaims - Removes all claims.
/claim <number> - Claim the specified radius of blocks out from your position.
/claimexplosions - Toggle mob griefing.
/givepet - Gives a tamed animal.
/sellclaim <number> and /buyclaim <number>: Sell and buy claim blocks for money, selling at $3 and buying at $6.
/trustlist and /claimslist - List trusted players and claims.
/untrust <name> - Removes permissions for the claim.

Skyblock CommandsEdit

/is ban <name> or /is unban <name>
/is trust <name> and /is untrust <name>
/is unlock or /is lock

Note that to allow visitors to teleport to your island, you need to also enable your island warp, which is avalible for players of member rank and above.


Non-overworld dimensions (Nether, End, Mining) are reset monthly. The schedule can be viewed on the website. If you build in these dimensions ensure your items are gone before the reset occurs. Private player worlds are not affected.




When a server closes or restarts for maintenence, this is where you'll find yourself. The Hub can be thought of as an adjoining server acting as a gateway to all others, a function evidenced by its most prominent feature -- teleport signs strewn around the lobby area as pictured. Simply right-click a sign and your game will attempt to connect to the chosen server, after which you'll appear either in your previous location on the server, or at the server's spawn area if joining for the first time. If you're having issues connecting, see the support section.


The Hub is also designed to entertain players while their server comes back up. You can explore, fight monters in the arena, or complete the three challenges -- maze, parkour and dropper. The entrance to the challenges is a


/server hub /server <name>

  • Server resets occur every three months
  • A new server is opened while the old one closes, which takes a week
  • Vanilla ender chests can be used to transport items between the servers
  • Don't overload player.dat


Server resets are carrued out approximately once every four months. You will be provided the option of moving your belongings from the old server to the new server by way of a vanilla ender chest. The network has a custom plugin which allows admins to specify which servers these chests link to, and a connection between the two servers will be provided before the old server closes, which typically happens after a week's grace period has elapsed.


Starting from the period given, the tools kit may be adjusted to include a vanilla ender chest which is used to send items from server to server. If none is provided, they can be crafted by surrounding an eye of ender with obsidian. (Sometimes the recipe is hidden). Place any items you'd like to send into the chest and repeat the process while on the new server, emptying the chest when possible.


Player data in Minercaft has a hard cap of 32k as set by Minecraft and overloading this with many inventories inside inventories, storage cells loaded with items inside inventories, or other dense clusters of information, can sometimes overload the storing process. While this is a rare occurance, it's best to use caution and common sense when transferring items in this way.



Skybock worlds are slightly different from ordinary worlds -- as expected they're made almost entirely of void. Because of this, the world is divided into square territories featuring player islands. There are also a number of options which can be accessed using the /b menu to interact with the world, including:

  1. Changing the biome
  2. Teleporting (warping) access
  3. Challenges
  • Warps are a useful fast-travel service
  • Common destinations include Nether, End, mining, spawn, etc.


Warps are admin-created teleport points which can be accessed via the in-game /b menu or by using the command /warp <name>. Common warp options include the Nether, the End, spawn, and mining, as well as mall or shop warps. Other destinations may exist which are dependant on your server.

Skyblock WarpsEdit

Skyblock warps function similarly to admin warps and are also used to travel to and from other islands using the command /is warp <name>. The ability to warp to a player's island is disabled by default and may be enabled only by players who are member rank and above.


/warp <name>

Skyblock CommandsEdit

/is setwarp /is togglewarp /is warp - View information about the warp feature /is warp <name>

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