• Server resets occur every three months
  • A new server is opened while the old one closes, which takes a week
  • Vanilla ender chests can be used to transport items between the servers
  • Don't overload player.dat


Server resets are carrued out approximately once every four months. You will be provided the option of moving your belongings from the old server to the new server by way of a vanilla ender chest. The network has a custom plugin which allows admins to specify which servers these chests link to, and a connection between the two servers will be provided before the old server closes, which typically happens after a week's grace period has elapsed.


Starting from the period given, the tools kit may be adjusted to include a vanilla ender chest which is used to send items from server to server. If none is provided, they can be crafted by surrounding an eye of ender with obsidian. (Sometimes the recipe is hidden). Place any items you'd like to send into the chest and repeat the process while on the new server, emptying the chest when possible.


Player data in Minercaft has a hard cap of 32k as set by Minecraft and overloading this with many inventories inside inventories, storage cells loaded with items inside inventories, or other dense clusters of information, can sometimes overload the storing process. While this is a rare occurance, it's best to use caution and common sense when transferring items in this way.

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