• Ranks are an identifying tag visible to all
  • They're mostly gained by playtime
  • Each rank comes with additional privilages
  • Additional, VIP ranks are avalible in the reward store
  • Skyfactory ranks are purchased with in-game money (not playtime)


Ranks are a type of tiered identifying tag symbolizing your involvement with the server and appear beside your name when chatting in public chat channels. Every player starts with the newbie title by default, and this can be upgraded by accumulating playtime with the very notable exception of Skyfactory where ranks are instead purchased using in-game money.

Regular Ranks
Rank Playtime Perks
Member 16 hours Shop access
Trusted 64 hours /Back access, three homes

Regular RanksEdit

Regular ranks are gained with playtime. Each have the priviliages of preceeding tiers in addition to their own.

Skyfactory 2 Ranks
Rank Cost Perks
Newbie None
Member $500 Biome change, warp access
Veteran $800
Elite $1500

Skyfactory RanksEdit

Ranks on Skyfactory are purchased with in-game money. Each have the priviliages of preceeding tiers in addition to their own.


/help ranks


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