There are many different ranks within the Devco community, they range from basic player ranks such as newbie and trusted to VIP ranks to staff ranks. Edit

I will attempt to sort the ranks in a manner that seems appropriate, if there is a 'better' way then feel free to edit my work :)

Time Played Ranks:

Newbie - This is the first rank you'll see next to your name when you start on any server (this may rarely differ depending on time played verses server setup). This rank requires no play time.

Member - The second rank achieved by playing on any devco server except SkyFactory and Agrarian Skies for 16 hours. On SF and AS servers you must buy the this rank in /b or /is with in-game money. Now at this rank you aquire some perks, the first being /back, this can be used after tping but not to return to your death point. (so say you use /home and forget to grab something and didn't set a waypoint, use /back to return to that point)

Trusted - Third and last rank that can achieved by play time alone, the amount of time required for this rank is 64 hours. For those you who aren't good at math thats 2 days and 16 hours (24+24+16). Now the perks for this rank are: 3 homes (/sethome <name>, default /home will become /home home) and access to use /back for death.

Skyfactory and Agrarian Skies Ranks:

Newbie - The first rank you'll see next to your name when you start.

Member - This rank is bought via /b or /is and is the second rank. Costs 500.

Veteran - The third rank which is also bought from either /b or /is. Costs 800.

Elite - The fourth rank, bought from /b or /is. Costs 1500.

VIP ranks: Can be acquired from the DeVco reward store:

Please note ranks may not have the same bonuses on each server.

Stone -

Iron -

Gold -

Lapis -

Diamond -

Emerald -

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