• Money ($) is the network's in-game currency
  • It is unique to every server (balances do not transfer)
  • It can be gained in a number of ways
  • It is spent in the /b menu
  • It can be given to others and is used when trading


Money is the term given to the network's in-game currency and is measured in dollars ($). Unlike reward points, money is server-specific and is earned on an individual server basis. Money acts as a medium of exchange between players and is used to purchase various things, including admin shop items, creative mode commands, claim blocks, shop plots, or skyblock ranks. Different servers may have different economies. A clue to distinguish this can be found when examining server groupings in the reward store. Admin shop items may also have different prices. Additionally, such as in the case with skyblock servers, some options may simply not apply.

Gaining MoneyEdit

  • Vote ($100 intial w/ $20 per, $10 on SF per)
  • Buy from the reward store
  • Trade
  • Become VIP
  • Sell claim blocks (/sellclaimblocks <number>, non-skyblock)
  • Complete challenges (skyblock only)

Plugin InteractionsEdit

Boss Shop




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