• Kits are bundles of items
  • One kit is free to all players
  • Kits can be bought at the reward store
  • VIP kits contain equipment, themed kits contain infrastructure and/or resources
  • Kits are accessed with /kit <name>
  • Kits have individual cooldowns


Kits are bundles of items which players can access using the /kit command. They're intended to contain useful early-game items such as food, tools and armor, but can also contain advanced items such as machines and infrastructure. There is a free kit avalible to all players from the start which has unlimited uses, and additional kits can be be purchased from the reward store. All kits incur a cooldown on use, commonly ranging from an hour to two days which is unique to the kit. Aside from this, their use is unlimited. They are also server-specific, and are not transferrable. The wiki divides them into three groups:

Free KitsEdit

Free kits vary slightly from server to server but are all called "tools" with the notable exception of skyblock servers where they are called "starter". As implied, they typically provide sets of equipment and some food, but can vary slightly from server to server and pretty much just include whatever was considered to be beneficial when the server was configured. The commands are "/kit tools" or "/kit starter".

Themed KitsEdit

Themed kits are intended more to provide materials than tools. Skyblock players have access to kits which provide vital starting resources and spawn eggs, whereas non-skyblock players have access to kits themed around a specific mod containing a substantial amount of starting machines, items, and infrastructure. The command is "/kit <name>". They are single-time use and must be activated within 48 hours of purchase.

VIP KitsEdit

As part of their VIP package deal, VIPs may access additional kits depending on their rank and server. Like the free kits, VIP kits typically contain a set of tools and a set of armor, but the quality of the sets is determined by the VIP rank. Higher-level VIPs have access to their own kit in addition to VIP kits from all preceeding ranks. A VIP-emerald is the highest rank possible of a given server and therefore can access any VIP kit avalible. It's not possible to purchase VIP kits individually without purchasing VIP. If you're a subscriber, kits are included in rank transfer requests.


/kit <name> /kit tools /kit starter

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