How do I rank up/be member? Either by playtime or by purchasing it in the server menu (Skyfactory).. to a point.

How do I change my biome? Via the server menu, but you must be member or higher.

Is there a way to only see and talk to my server? Yes, type the following /lv g then /j sw

All I see are dragon infusers! Relaunch your game. I believe this is an Optifine-related render error.

Who made all the custom plugins? That would probably be KaiNoMood, Devco's resident developer.

Who built this spawn? That would probably be Wandorf, Devco's resident architect.

Are there NPC or admin shops? Yes, in the server menu, type /b.

Why is inventory tweaks messed up? If you're playing Skyfactory, it's probably because you also installed dual hotbar. Disable it.

Why is my rank messed up? Unless you changed your Minecraft name, this is usually fixed by reconnecting.

How to make money? See the money section.

How can I submit a ticket in the Hub? Use the webstie ticket service.

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